Dining Table

Made from Siberian Elm and finished using Tung Oil for a long lasting and easy to care for finish that will not easily yellow or fade over time.

The legs have been designed from 14 gauge steel box (tube) with adjustable feet to accommodate uneven surfaces, and soft pads to eliminate the chance of scratching your wood floors. The legs have been finished in a hammered dark grey coating.

Conference Tables

This recently delivered black walnut conference table is 14ft long and was designed with pop-up USB/electrical ports. We can accommodate any design or technology for your business

Coffee Table

This rustic yet modern piece has been custom made from a rare and beautiful slab of New Zealand Totra, Preserved in the ground for around 60 thousand years in what once was the swamps of NZ after this young islands volcanos erupted and flattened the forests only to be dug up during the development of farms over the years.

A dark and rich dense wood makes this piece a gem. Set on a pair of steel legs polished to an industrial finish gives it a modern and unique look.


Native Colorado Beetle Kill/Blue Stain Furniture


Custom furniture from locally sourced beetle kill pine; including accent wall, ceiling beams, and mantles for your home and office

Entry Table

This is a medium size entry table/ book shelf made from Honey Locust, a very dense and solid wood with a beautiful grain structure and color, finished in a natural non toxic urethane/Acrylic .mat finish, steel legs at one end in a brushed look look which can be painted to a customers desired color.

Traditional Entry Table

This slim table has been built to show off the Red Oak live edge slab top with a contrasting mid hight shelf set on a 3/4” steel frame, powder coated for ease of maintaining and to last many years.

Black Walnut Bed

This timeless piece will last generations, built using wooden dowel construction from solid wood, elegant and pleasing to look at and feel, the grain gives it depth and color. This bed will last generations, easy to tear down and move when required, the bed rails are hung on the legs using steel hangars. Bentley Custom Furniture can fashion these beautiful beds to any size and style. Consider the headboard made from a live edge slab, or a padded fabric cover to suit your style.

Patio Drinks Stand

Made from 3/4 inch steel with horse shoes design top to accommodate four glasses and a bottle of wine/beer in the center. On Colorado’s front range the wind can blow hard and without warning, leaving your drinks strewn across your patio or deck, so this heavy and steady stand will keep your drinks safe, and with a unique look, the horse shoe top is a topic of conversation, an excellent gift for outdoor living.

BBQ Table

Bentley Custom Furniture designed this BBQ table around the same windy-day-spilled-drink principle. This table will not blow away in the strongest of gales, and is rugged enough to withstand the harsh sun, rain and snow.

Cutting Board

Bentley Custom Furniture can create custom cutting boards for your culinary needs.

Custom made steel Art Deco stair railing

Custom made steel Art Deco stair railing, swings out to allow access to move large furniture into the basement and at the same time gives the basement a bigger feel. Bolts in place using two drop bolts.
This was custom made for a client, any variation can be made to suit ones needs.


Beetle kill pine bench

Another Beetle kill pine functional bench or in this case a work area for a business in Denver Colorado.

Slab Blue stain pine bench

Slab Blue stain pine bench (Beetle Kill) More of a country look, heavy and again, unique.

Beetle Kill (Blue stain) Pine Kitchen

Beetle Kill (Blue stain) Pine Kitchen table showing the physical damage the beetle can do to the wood, leaving unique color we can focus on. As this design shows, pine doesn’t always have to have a country look, but instead can be clean and modern, and very unique!

Modern, Contemporary Live Edge Walnut Coffee Table

Modern contemporary live edge walnut coffee table with offset steel legs powder coated to the customers request, a real one off piece that is sure to be a focal point in any room.
An example of our bespoke furniture, what can your imagination come up with?

Custom made Beetle kill (Pine bark Beetle kill or Blue stain) basement beam.

Left rustic and as wild as the wood comes, this unique and beautiful wood from the Rocky mountains of Colorado is but a small sample of what can be created to give a room a unique look, showing all the flaws of this beautiful wood.

The pine bark beatle has caused devastation in Colorado, wiping out thousands of acres of forest, once the beatle burrows into the tree, it kills it and in doing so creates color variations through the wood structure and gain, from blue to red, black and many other colors and shapes. These unique and natural streaks in the wood not even an accomplished artist could duplicate. It’s one positive side to the sad devastation these beatles have caused, and enables us to make some very unique furniture.
The wood is removed from the forests to mitigate fire dangers and to allow new growth to take over, more often than not by the Aspen tree, until the spruce and ponderosa pines can take over in 50+ years. The beatles have become prevalent due to the warmer winters we are having, and besides a good freeze, only fire will slow it’s progress. Spraying the forests has been abandoned in favor of letting nature take it’s corse, though some may argue that this is not due to nature, but rather the impact humans and the burning of fossil fuels has had on the planet. Just one of the many visible changes to our delicate eco system.

If you would like to add a unique flair to your home, office or cabin and take advantage this beautiful wood, we would be happy to create a personal piece for you.

Custom Made Bathroom Vanity

Custom made for a tight space in a basement bathroom brings a unique and space saving design with functionality.
The frame is made from walnut,
Top - Maple
The door and front - Cedar
Giving a contrast of colors and textures unique to this piece the client was wanting.

A wooden bowl secured to the top adds further eye catching aspects pleasing to the eye and sure to be a conversation topic for guests.

We also build unique and eye catching conference table to suit your needs, to any size or shape, with all the built in technology your company requires to keep your meetings energized and efficient while impressing your clients.

Call or e-mail Bentley Custom Furniture with questions regarding any project for your home or office.