Bentley Custom Furniture


Bentley Custom Furniture produces innovative modern premium quality furniture inspired by our clients and our creativeness while enjoying the unique 160271089reteexperience and building a story to go with it. Wether you require a coffee table or a large Conference table to impress your clients we will work side by side with you through every step creating drawings and even animations of what the final product will look like so you end up with an exceptional and unique piece of furniture. We can incorporate technical aspects like pop-up power and ethernet/USB ports for conference tables, speaker systems, video screens, or illuminated etched glass panels and much more.

Who we Are

Bentley Bespoke Furniture is a small family owned business based in Parker Colorado, but make no mistake- we have plenty of local resources to lean on to assist us in achieving some extraordinary designs. If you can dream it, we will build it. Contact us with questions for your next innovation, and the credit will be all yours.

bentley custom furniture

Quality Craftsmanship

Cut from along Colorado's front range to our specific thickness, then kiln dried by our local woodsmen assuring the wood will not warp or split, it’s then cut down to the desired sizes for your furniture with our craftsmen’s skill and ends up in your home or office as a work of art or functional piece of furniture. You can be assured that the wood used by Bentley Custom Furniture has made a short journey, and not played a part in the deforestation of the world's rain forests.